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How do you drink yours?

Here is a Russian cocktail, taken from the Companion Guide to My Soviet Kitchen


(lit. polar bear) Champagne and vodka mixed. Particularly popular and traditional on New Year's Eve; the combination of spirit and bubbles is lethal, since the latter go straight to your head whilst the former ensures the effect is long-lasting. Patsy and Edwina also drank this cocktail in Absolutely Fabulous, they called it "Stoli Bolli".


Usually, however, Russians prefer to drink their vodka neat. So fill up your shot glass, then cut up some vodka snacks - gherkins, salami and black bread (get the caraway seed stuff from Eastern European shops: colour of molasses; rich like cake).

Now drain your glass and chase with a snack.

I would recommend a Petersburg vodka - "Russki Standart" (Russian Standard) as a good one to drink neat because it has a smooth flavour.


A slightly less hardcore way to drink it is to fill up a tall glass with ice, slide in half-moons of lemon and lime and top with a measure of RS. Swill the glass until the chill has permeated the vodka and drink!


Tell us what your favourite vodka is and why. Then tell us how you like to drink it. The best entries will be published on this site.

Here are some suggestions from the blogosphere:

"My favourite has to be White Russian, a grown up milk shake. When I have made them it has been eqaulish quantities of vodka and Kahlua and a decent amount of full fat milk, so you can drink a few before falling flat on your face."

Andy Harrod -

"My favourite vodka is Hetman vodka from Ukraine. My serving suggestion - put the entire bottle in the deep freeze. When ready to drink, serve neat in shot glasses, ideally with dark humour and a little plate of blini, red caviar, sour cream and chives. Never, ever, drink this alone."

Claire King -

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