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"Fine delicacies from a bygone era"

In February 2011 my friend Peter Nasmyth hosted a home supper salon. He opened up his house and his collection of Soviet memorabilia to assembled writers, film-makers and travellers - most with memories from various ports of call in the old empire. They were meeted and greeted with caviar and 50 ml of the clear hard stuff.

Peter's Soviet collection included:

  • his Georgian wine archive - dating back to 1987 photo 617-006
  • Socialist realist work-ethic posters
  • Soviet aftershave in strident flavours (Sasha, Red Moscow)
  • Soviet business cards (fill in your own name/occupation)
  • Alabaster Lenin bust

This was followed by a short performance by yr's truly, a mini play, adapted from Chapter 1 of My Soviet Kitchen. The lights dimmed... rousing Russian rock blared out from the living room speakers (Russian DDT's Motherland) and a spotlight shone on a mini Soviet Kitchen. I had made a sort of puppet theatre with tiny cardboard furniture and a small red-haired Ivy...

Afterwards, we indulged in a Soviet-ish supper:


  • Bowls of "Vegetable Caviar" (an auberginey spread)
  • Classic Vinegret (beetroot, potato and pea salad)
  • Mushroom Julienne Bake (mushrooms cooked in the oven with sour cream)
  • Our very own Napoleon Layer Cake (see the Cake Challenge for the recipe)
  • Soviet chocolates
  • Georgian wine

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